James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream - Review by Vanessa Brown

This is the second single offering from Blake, the first being 'Limit to Your Love' in November which saw regular airtime on the Radio 1 B list for several weeks and garnered great acclaim from the likes of NME and Q. 

The beginning of 'Wilhelm Scream' has an almost funereal feel to it, but the smooth subtle vocals soon pull you in and you are under itís spell.  The use of various sound effects add an atmosphere to the track that deepen the pull to listen.  The abrupt end leaves you feeling that you want to start it again and listen for what you missed the first time, as the layers of sound create an almost ethereal quality that makes me want to turn off the lights and listen on my headphones.  A part of me wants to hear a really good dance version of this track as I think it could lend itself very well.

Overall I found this a strangely hypnotic and intriguing track that makes you want to listen again.  If you had a dream about George Benson floating around in space, this could be the soundtrack!

Wilhelm Scream will be r
eleased on Atlas / A&M on March 7th 2011

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