Shibuya Crossings – DOYA (Dependant on Your Alter-Ego)
Review by Danny Fella   

Shibuya Crossings are back on the underground scene with their second release ‘DOYA’, which once again shows their impressive capabilities as musicians at mixing a variety of styles and influences into a contemporary mix of synth laden know-how. Overall this album is skilfully arranged. Perhaps Ian Escario’s drumming could be slightly more developed, but bassist Rob Toshman gives each track its definition, while Gareth Evans jams away on his guitar; a sound occasionally reminiscent of the greats such as AC/DC. I mean just listen to "If it isn’t Getting Better". An interesting comparison, but then these guys do take their inspiration from a wide variety of sources. We can hear traces of 90’s Indie, American-Pop and at times you can even hear shadows of bands as far-flung as Blur, Maxïmo Park and Radiohead. What’s more, such tracks as Gamla Stan could have believably been written in the 1960’s.

Opening track At Eight in a Spanish Bar sets the bar high for the rest of the album, with likable riffs and aptly applied synths creating an ethereal yet somehow cheerful sound; very relaxing. Equally the first single release, "Take It Out on Me", is a rocking track filled with catchy bass hooks leading to a well-crafted climax. It takes no effort to listen to this album. It consistently pleases the senses, strolling along comfortably in the background.

Lyrically speaking this is a quality album with each song tackling its own issue, and coupled with the intriguing quality to front man Declan Harrington’s voice, this helps the record to stand out from the crowd. It is this element of the album that provides its individuality. For a relatively new band, this is a stand out album, and even though it does contain some imperfections, it shows the potential of a band growing in stature. A band deserved of a chance to make it big.

For fans of: Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Blur


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