Interview with Fyfe Dangerfield - 29th March 2010

Fyfe Dangerfield is a multi talented musician, singer and song writer best known for singing and writing with Brit award nominated indie band Guillemots.  Lesser known by many Guillemots fans will be his involvement with choral and orchestral music with Ex Cathedra and the CBSO.  This is a man who knows his way around a tune and how to bring its features to the fore and, after an interview that extended way beyond the fifteen minutes I was allotted and felt more like chatting to a friend, has proved himself to be just a lovely guy.

Prior to his solo gig supporting Corrine Bailey Rae at the wonderful Assembly Rooms in Leamington Spa, I chatted to Fyfe about writing his new solo album ĎFly Yellow Mooní and the diversity in his music.  I also wanted to knowÖ

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MU: Does that start of your solo project mean the end of Guillemots?


FD: No not at all.  Itís just something different you know.  I just felt the need after our second record to do something of my own really.  Itís probably the opposite way to how a lot of solo projects come about which I think is maybe when someone feels like they want to do something a bit more experimental than they do in their band but with me, I love the fact that in Guillemots all four of us are always trying to push things in as many directions as they can go but I just wanted to do a record where I just focused on really simple song writing I suppose and I just wanted it to have simple beats and simple, traditional sounds which is quite different to what Iíve done before.

It just felt like a good thing to do by myself.  A lot of the songs are just voice and guitar anyway so they didnít even need a band.  For the last twelve months weíve been writing in Guillemots and weíre gonna start making the record in about a monthís time, so thereís no sense of things finishing for us but, on the other hand, Iím sure Iíll be doing things by myself again in the future and Iím sure the others all have things on the cooker too.


I was going to ask about further solo material in my next questionÖ


Iíve always anticipated doing stuff by myself.  Just the thought of playing music only with the same people for the rest of my life is just horrible but the thought of never playing with Guillemots again is horrible as well you know.  Iíve just always wanted to play music: itís not as if I met the band and then we suddenly started making music.  Itís always been something Iíve wanted to do and I think, in music, itís really good if you do things with different people.  I think doing this thing by myself has made me come back to the band with renewed energy so I see no real reason why the band would end but I will do things by myself in the future but, again, I think they will be very different to this thing that Iíve just done.



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