Starsailor live at the Wulrun
Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton 1st April 2009
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Iíve never been a huge fan of Starsailor. I like their music and usually sing along when I catch them on the radio but Iíve never felt compelled to actually go out and buy a CD. I have, however, always liked lead singer, James Walshís brilliant voice but I was worried about how this would translate in a live situation. I neednít have worried. His voice was far better live than on record.

The band opened (after a small hiccup with the intro music) with Tie up my hands, In the crossfire and All the Plans to a strangely older than expected crowd who, during the evening, gave themselves away a little by giving a far bigger response to the older songs. Maybe these thirty somethings havenít got around to buying the new album yet? Is this why Starsailor are still playing venues like the Wulfrun and not the NIA?

Alcoholic prompted, perhaps rather predictably, bar far the biggest reaction from the crowd and I must admit this was the highlight for me, closely followed by Silence is Easy.


The band drew the main set to a close with tell me itís not over before returning with an acoustic version of Lullaby, giving Walsh an opportunity to show off his wonderful vocal talent unhindered. A cover of Youíve Got to Hide Your Love Away, Four to the floor and Good Souls, featuring a hint of more Beatles with a line or two from Tomorrow Never Knows, rounded off the evening to a fabulous reception from the crowd.

There was nothing earth shattering about this gig but then, thatís not what Starsailor are about which is why, I guess, they attract an audience of thirty something music lovers that actually want to stand and listen to great music rather than see a performance diluted with a smoke and mirrors light show.

Iím still not a huge fan but I will be keeping an eye out for their albums next time Iím music shopping and wonít be at all surprised to find their CDs nestling in amongst the rest of my collection fairly soon.

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